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One-Dog Canoe

Mary Casanova (2003), 32 pages
Illustrated by Ard Hoyt
Audience: Preschool - 2nd Grade
Category: Adventure, Animal, Humor, Picture Books
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What happens when a one-dog canoe is occupied by a girl, a dog, a beaver, a loon, a wolf and a host of other characters? Young readers will delight in this wacky adventure traveling down the river in a 'One-Dog Canoe' by Mary Casanova.
Similar authors: Nicola Davies; Lauren Child; Doreen Cronin;Jim LaMarche; Melinda Long
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Reviewed by: mb
Date read: 7/17/2013
ISBN-10: 0374356386
ISBN-13: 9780374356385
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Owl at Home

Arnold Lobel (1975), 64 pages
Illustrated by Arnold Lobel
Audience: Preschool - 2nd Grade
Category: Animal, Easy Reader, Fiction, Humor
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Owl lives alone in his cozy little home. Read how Owl invites Winter into his home to warm-up and gets scared when he goes to sleep to find two little bumps at the end of his bed. Learn how Owl makes his favorite tea, Tear-Water Tea, and makes friends with the moon. This is the perfect book for the beginning reader.
Book Series: I Can Read Book
Similar authors: Cynthia Rylant
Similar books: Frog and Toad by Arnold Lobel; Henry and Mudge by Cynthia Rylant
Reviewed by: mb
Date read: 7/3/2009
ISBN-10: 0064440346
ISBN-13: 9780064440349
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Pickle Patch Bathtub

Fran Kennedy (2004), 32 pages
Illustrated by Sheila Aldridge
Audience: Preschool - 2nd Grade
Category: Easy Reader, Historical, Humor, Picture Books
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What would you do for a 'real bathtub' straight from the Sears, Roebuck catalog? In 'The Pickle Patch Bathtub' by Frances Kennedy, you can read the true story of Donna Philp's quest for a bathtub that would fit her and her brothers and sisters, 'just right'. By working together growing and selling cucumbers, the Phelps children were able to make their dream come true. This beautifully illustrated book gives you small glimpse of the challenging and rewarding life of American farmers on the prairie in the early 1900's.
Similar authors: Pat McKissack; Laura Ingalls Wilder; Donald Hall
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Reviewed by: mb
Date read: 7/23/2010
ISBN-10: 1582461120
ISBN-13: 9781582461120
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Picky Mrs. Pickle

Christine M. Schneider (1999), 32 pages
Audience: Preschool - 2nd Grade
Category: Humor, Picture Books
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Picky Mrs. Pickle definitely knows what she likes and can't seem to try anything new. She has only green dresses in her closet, wears only eau de pickle perfume, eats only pickle pie, and has had her hair styled exactly the same way for ages. She is as happy as can be, doing the same thing day after day. That is until little Sophie Claire comes along and convinces her that maybe she isn't as 'happy' as she thought she was. 'Picky Mrs. Pickle' is an amusing story in rhyme that illustrates to the young reader the benefits of trying something new!
Similar authors: Arnold Lobel; Anna Dewdney; Jane Belk Moncure
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Reviewed by: mb
Date read: 7/22/2011
ISBN-10: 0802787029
ISBN-13: 9780802787026


Sarah Weeks (2011), 183 pages
Audience: 3rd Grade - 7th Grade
Category: Fiction, Humor, Mystery
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This would be everyone's dream come true - a shop with the most amazingly delicious pies - apple, cherry, peach, lemon meringue, French silk, banana cream, custard, pecan, strawberry-rhubarb, custard - the list is endless. The pie fillings were extraordinary but it was the pie crust that had everyone talking. Got a craving for pie? Well, then just stop by Aunt Polly's Pie Shop and pick out a pie. Remember to say thanks - no need to pay - Aunt Polly bakes pies because it makes people happy. And everyone in Ipswich, Pennsylvania was very happy . . . until Aunt Polly died and the shop closed. Aunt Polly's niece Alice had helped her in the pie shop for years, gathering the ingredients, pricking the pie crusts just so and tending to anything that needed tending to. Everyone assumed the pie crust recipe was written down and everyone wanted to be the one to have it. Because with that recipe they could be the next winner of the Blueberry Award. Aunt Polly had won 13! Alice and her friend Charlie find themselves in the middle of a major mystery revolving around the cat Lardo and the missing pie-crust recipe. You will never guess how it all unfolds!
Awards nominated: 2014 Bluestem Nominee
Reviewed by: adf
Date read: 8/7/2012
ISBN-10: 0545270111
ISBN-13: 9780545270113
Reader Comments
5 out of 5 books5 out of 5 books5 out of 5 books5 out of 5 books5 out of 5 booksWell Written and a Good Audio Book Experience!
Commenter: Jill, grade 39
This book made me want to live in Ipswitch so that I could taste Aunt Polly's delicious pies! I loved hearing the songs that Alice made up on the audio book.
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