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No, David!

David Shannon (1998), 32 pages
Illustrated by David Shannon
Audience: Preschool - Preschool
Category: Fiction, Humor, Picture Books, Realistic Fiction
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David's always getting in trouble. Whether he's tracking in mud, banging on pans, jumping on his bed, or playing with his food, he hears, 'No, David!' Here, we see David misbehaving again and again, in colorful, comic glory, like when he opens his mouth and we see a gaping hole like the night sky filled with half-chewed food. Won't David be hurt that the only words he hears are scolding? At the end, David's mom surrounds him in a warm hug.
Similar books: David Gets in Trouble by David Shannon; David Goes to School by David Shannon
Awards won: Caldecott Honor Book 1999
Reviewed by: emc
Date read: 7/26/2010
ISBN-10: 0590930028
ISBN-13: 9780590930024
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Nora's Ark

Natalie Kinsey-Warnock (2005), 32 pages
Illustrated by Emily Arnold McCully
Audience: K - 3rd Grade
Category: Historical, Picture Books
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Grandma and Wren don't understand why Grandpa is building a new farm house when the one they have is perfectly fine. But on November 2, 1927, everything changes. Nine inches of rain fall in Vermont in two days. The river keeps rising. One by one, the townspeople and their animals move into the unfinished house because it is the only one left on high ground. But Grandpa is still out in the storm! Wren and Grandma head out in a boat to look for him: will they find him? An author's note describes the historical setting of the story: the Vermont Flood of 1927.
Reviewed by: sc
Date read: 6/8/2009
ISBN-10: 0060295171
ISBN-13: 9780060295172
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Of Numbers And Stars: The Story of Hypatia

D. Anne Love (2006), 32 pages
Illustrated by Pam Paparone
Audience: 1st Grade - 5th Grade
Category: Biography, Easy Reader, Especially for Girls, Historical, Nonfiction, Picture Books
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Hypatia was born in Alexandria, Egypt in the fourth century. When she was born, her father, the mathematician Theon, pledged to teach her everything he knew. In the book, 'Of Numbers and Stars: The Story of Hypatia' by D.Anne Love, we learn how Hypatia's father kept that promise. She grew up to be a women famous for her knowledge of mathematics, astronomy, and philosophy. Young scholars flocked to Egypt from all over the world to be her students. In an age when girls weren't even allowed to learn how to read and write, Hypatia became one of the most accomplished women of the ancient world.
Similar authors: Diane Stanley
Similar books: The Birth of Mathematics: Ancient Times to 1300 by Michael John Bradley; Cleopatra by Diane Stanley; Outrageous Women of Ancient Times by Vicki Leon; Ancient Mathematics by Rob Staeger
Reviewed by: mb
Date read: 8/2/2010
ISBN-10: 0823416216
ISBN-13: 9780823416219
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Old Cricket

Lisa Wheeler (2003), 32 pages
Illustrated by Ponder Goembel
Audience: Preschool - 2nd Grade
Category: Fiction, Folklore, Humor, Picture Books
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In the story, 'Old Cricket' by Lisa Wheeler, Old Cricket isn't in the mood to 'ready their roof for winter.' Being the clever old bug that he is, Cricket devises a plan to avoid any kind of physical labor. He tells his wife that he has a creak in his knee; his cousin the Katydid, that he has a crick in his neck; and his Uncle Ant, that he has a crack in his back. Having no intention of seeing the doctor for these invented maladies, Cricket's plan to avoid all work is going exactly as planned. However, his devious plan goes awry when he meets Old Crow who intends to make a meal out of creaky, cracky and cricky Old Cricket. How does a clever old bug get out of this mess? With this book's vibrant illustrations, entertaining verse, and humorous content, 'Old Cricket' will have the young reader reading and laughing out loud.
Similar authors: Arnold Lobel; Eric A. Kimmel; Tim Myers; Stephen Krensky
Similar books: Anansi and the Magic Stick by Eric A. Kimmel; The Ant and the Grasshopper by Luli Gray; The Lion and the Mouse by Jerry Pinkney; The Outfoxed Fox by Tim Myers; Anansi and the Talking Melon by Eric A. Kimmel
Reviewed by: mb
Date read: 7/15/2011
ISBN-10: 0689845103
ISBN-13: 9780689845109
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Old Crump: The True Story of a Trip West

Laurie Lawlor (2002), 32 pages
Illustrated by John Winch
Audience: 2nd Grade - 3rd Grade
Category: Fiction, Historical, Picture Books
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Old Crump is based on a true story of the trip west by a family during the California Gold Rush. Old Crump is an ox, who carries the kids on his back through the heat and drought of Death Valley. This faithful ox kept going when all of the others had given up. His stamina, and perseverance, helped the family reach their new home, where, in return for his loyalty, he lived out the remainder of his days with them, contentedly grazing in the San Joaquin Valley.
Reviewed by: sc
Date read: 5/18/2009
ISBN-10: 0823416089
ISBN-13: 9780823416080
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