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Papa's Mark

Gwendolyn Battle-Lavert (2004), 32 pages
Illustrated by Colin Bootman
Audience: Preschool - 4th Grade
Category: Especially for Boys, Fiction, Historical, Multicultural, Picture Books, Realistic Fiction
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In 'Papa's Mark' by Gwnedolyn Battle-Lavert, Simms and his Papa knew how important the right to vote was to a black man living in the south during the 1960's. 'America could change for the better if all people had a say in the running of it,' was the consensus of the black community living in Lamar County. Even though the Fifteenth Amendment of the Constitution protected the rights of all people to vote, many restrictions were adopted in the southern states to make it impossible for members of the black community to exercise their rights. Gang violence, voting taxes, and literacy tests were obstacles instituted by many white communities to prevent the African-Americans from voting. So when Simm's Papa was able (after many nights of practice) to sign his own name at the voting booth, Samuel T. Blow could feel the winds of change shaping a newer and brighter America.
Similar authors: Deborah Wiles; Jacqueline Woodson;
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Reviewed by: mb
Date read: 8/1/2011
ISBN-10: 082341650X
ISBN-13: 9780823416509
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Party in Ramadan

Asma Mobin-Uddin (2009), 32 pages
Illustrated by Laura Jacobsen
Audience: 1st Grade - 3rd Grade
Category: Multicultural, Picture Books
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Leena has decided to fast on Fridays during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. She is invited to a friend's party on a Friday, and decides to go, but not to eat or drink. Will Leena be able to resist the cake and lemonade? See how Leena's family break their fast after sunset and have a special celebration.
Reviewed by: msp
Date read: 8/21/2009
ISBN-10: 1590786041
ISBN-13: 9781590786048
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Passage to Freedom: The Sugihara story

Ken Mochizuki (1997), 32 pages
Illustrated by Dom Lee
Audience: 3rd Grade - 5th Grade
Category: Historical, Nonfiction, Picture Books
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This is the true story of a Japanese diplomat during World War II as seen by his son, Hiroki Sugihara, who was 5 at the time. In 1940, their family lives in Lithuania, a country soon to be invaded by Nazis forces. One morning in late July, the Sugihara family looks out their front window to see hundreds of people waiting to see Hiroki's father. They are Jewish refugees from various countries who are trying to escape the Nazis by living in Lithuania. Now that the Nazis are on their way, they need help to get out of Lithuania and into another country. Mr. Sugihara sends a message to the Japanese government asking if he can help these people, but the answer that comes back is 'no.' What could be done? If Mr. Sugihara does not help the Jewish refugees, they could all die. Read Passage to Freedom to see what happens to these Jewish refugees and to the Sugihara family.
Awards nominated: Bluestem Award Nominee 2012
Reviewed by: mec
Date read: 6/1/2011
ISBN-10: 1880000490
ISBN-13: 9781880000496
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Perfect Nest

Catherine Friend (2007), 40 pages
Illustrated by John Manders
Audience: K - 2nd Grade
Category: Animal, Picture Books
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A cat named Jack sets out to make the perfect nest. The nest is so perfect that a chicken, a duck, and a goose each lay an egg in it. What they don't know is that Jack wants to make omelets with the eggs. Unexpectedly, the eggs hatch, and Jack finds himself caring for the babies and enjoying the nest himself.
Reviewed by: rn
Date read: 5/19/2009
ISBN-10: 0763624306
ISBN-13: 9780763624309
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Pickle Patch Bathtub

Fran Kennedy (2004), 32 pages
Illustrated by Sheila Aldridge
Audience: Preschool - 2nd Grade
Category: Easy Reader, Historical, Humor, Picture Books
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What would you do for a 'real bathtub' straight from the Sears, Roebuck catalog? In 'The Pickle Patch Bathtub' by Frances Kennedy, you can read the true story of Donna Philp's quest for a bathtub that would fit her and her brothers and sisters, 'just right'. By working together growing and selling cucumbers, the Phelps children were able to make their dream come true. This beautifully illustrated book gives you small glimpse of the challenging and rewarding life of American farmers on the prairie in the early 1900's.
Similar authors: Pat McKissack; Laura Ingalls Wilder; Donald Hall
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Reviewed by: mb
Date read: 7/23/2010
ISBN-10: 1582461120
ISBN-13: 9781582461120
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